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Face Capture

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A lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable motion capture head mount, designed to accommodate an iPhone. Capture your facial expressions with ease.

  • Lightweight: 240g (600g when using the included counterweight
  • Easy, fast and comfortable fit (padded on all sides, adjust fit with intuitive tightening mechanisms)
  • Compatible with any iPhone model, except iPhone Plus and iPhone Max series

Thanks to an adjustable padded mount, the Headrig fits every adult head. Use the back and top tightening mechanisms for a snug and secure fit.

Facial Motion Capture Add-On (Yearly License)

Capture real-time facial expressions with your iPhone and record them or live stream them to your favorite 3D software with Rokoko Studio

An iOS app that leverages the iPhone's depth camera to capture 52 blenshapes in real-time

After purchasing the bundle, you will receive the license activation key for the “Facial Motion Capture Add-on” subscription.

Rokoko Studio Pro (Yearly License)

Unlock real-time mocap data streaming to our native plugin integration for all major 3D software (Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya, C4D, MoBu etc.) thanks to the “Pro” subscription for Rokoko Studio software.

Rokoko Studio is a powerfull software to capture the data from our motion capture tools (Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves and Face Capture), export animations or stream them in real-time to another 3D software.

After purchasing the bundle, you will receive the license activation key for the “Pro” subscription of Rokoko Studio software.

They use Rokoko Face Capture

As do thousands of other happy customers

"My guys seriously pushed the Rokoko Face Capture app a lot further than I thought we could, recording 4 faces simultaneously. We have used mocap in the past to expedite animation but after using it in this long form format I might never touch a keyframe again haha.
You guys make great stuff!"

Ethan NevilleThe Animist

"It’s crucial that your method for face capture be as unobtrusive as possible and not inconvenience the talent or voice director in any way. Rokoko is a really great tool for this, because you can setup your iPhone for capture well clear of the mike and record your takes on the other side of the booth, it is a perfect workflow."

Woody YocumAnimation Timing Director, Walt Disney TV Animation

"Rokoko mocap is hits a great price point. The support for Blender and other software makes it possible to use the other tools we are familiar with. The Rokoko suit helped us create an award winning pilot for our children's show Cubekins with a small team."

Michael ThoenesAnimation Producer

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Frequently asked questions

We ship worldwide within 2 weeks from our office in Denmark at a flat $50 shipping fee, no matter where you are located. You will receive a tracking number by email when we ship your order.

All our products come with a 30-day trial guarantee: once your order is delivered to you, you have 30 days to test the mocap gear and decide if you want to keep it or send it back to us for a refund, no questions asked (please note that return costs for shipping are not covered).

Our app is built on top of Apple’s ARKit blendshape system, which is also why our app will only work with iPhones (model X or later) as they have a True Depth camera. The blendshape system (which includes 52 blendshapes) is reliable and well documented, finding a rigged character (or rigging tool) will be much easier than other type of face capture data types.

Aside from great tracking quality, there are two main reasons why Rokoko Face Capture is really useful. Firstly, a real-time data streaming capability to all the major 3D software thanks to our native plugin integrations (Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya, C4D, MoBu etc.) Secondly, you can run Rokoko Face Capture alongside other Rokoko mocap tools, like the Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves, for full body tracking capability.

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